Daniele Toesca was born in the sunny Italian coastal city of Sanremo, in 1974. After showing an increasing interest in visual arts and jazz music, he decides to study interior design and architecture. He founded his studio in 2002, in Carpaxe (Italy). Daniele is a detail-oriented designer, who creates luxury furniture with an exclusive Italian character: handpicked materials, elegant details and timeless quality. He creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces for his clients, carefully designed and totally Made in Italy.
Daniele Toesca’s high quality design focuses on details, unique proportions and quality control. He creates durable products, designed to last for a lifetime. Daniele has a passion for craftsmanship and the use of natural materials for his products: stainless steel, marble, glass, leather, wood and titanium. He believes that all his products must be created meticulously, so that they can transmit the elegant touch of his design as well as the precision of his skilled hands.
Daniele prefers to create single unique pieces and this original and sensitive approach will suit those who seek to create a unique atmosphere, in the spirit of a collector, far from industrialized ready-made designs.
Over the last few years, Daniele has complemented the design and creation of new exclusive hand-made pieces for the Daniele Toesca Collection, and also for projects commissioned by private clients, that have been marked with the seal of his incomparable elegance.
Daniele is also the author of the book series “Il Libro d’Oro degli Scacchi”. For more information:

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