What We Offer

We create a luxury exclusive furniture: selected materials, refinement and timeless quality, only Made in Italy. This series fits perfectly your home and even your mood. It has been created to suit perfectly all kind of furniture, both modern and classic.

Handcrafted product

The handicrafts are the result of the painstaking work of the craftsman, who produces them meticulously using his skilled hands. This guarantees an accurate production and manufacture of steel and leather.

Made in Italy

According to our philosophy, it is important to choose accurately first-rate and top quality materials, hand Made in Italy.


This series can be personalized choosing between a wide range of leathers and colours to meet all costumer's design requirements. We guarantee the reliability of this resistant and timeless product.


We choose to produce items using natural materials: stainless steel and leather, to make sure that the products are safe and that they will not release toxic and harmful substances into our environment.


The exclusiveness and uniqueness of the handcrafted product, and eventual personalization, it will take at least 8 weeks for handcrafted and delivery the product after the payment.


Daniele Toesca's signature is stamped into the frame, and every furniture has an individual identification number to verify authenticity. If it does not display the Daniele Toesca logo, it is a counterfeit.


Stainless Steel

Elegant but solid and resistant. It's easy to choose when you can have top-quality products.

Thanks to his balance between strength and beauty 316L stainless steel has always been one of the best materials to create design items, characterised by a great elegance. For all products we chose 316L stainless steel and thanks to a process of cold forging we made it more resistant. Then reducing the impurities we gave to it a mirrored-finish look.

Full Grain Leather

An ageless living and breathing design product. A pleasing and natural sensation to the touch.

An exclusive handcrafted production of Italian leather, painstakingly finished. We chose a particular kind of leather, full grain, differentiated from the other types of leather by the changing of grain, the lack of colour homogeneity and small imperfections. This guarantees the fact that the leather is natural and unaltered. Silky to the touch, it maintains the original feel of leather exalting its naturalness and exclusivity. All the different types of leather are chosen meticulously in order to guarantee a prestigious, elegant and original product.

White Statuary Carrara Marble

The most precious and sought-after marble in the World.

White Statuary Carrara Marble is the marble chosen by Michelangelo to sculpt works such as the David. Known worldwide, white statuary marble has been employed since ancient times in sculpture, being much appreciated for its shininess, gleam and compact structure, characteristics that make it particularly suitable for being carved with the cold chisel. All the objects made using statuary marble guarantee the visual and aesthetic luxury of all the spaces in a property. Today, as in the past, a spectacular look is also guaranteed.

Marquina Black Marble

From the most exclusive ambiences is a fitting choice in with its sophisticated elegance and velvety appearance.

The magic of this intense marble when it arrives on the scene in interior architecture and in contemporary decors is simply fascinating. Marquina Black takes its name from the Basque Country quarries from which it is extracted. Its irregular white veins, concentrated to a greater or lesser extent according to the slab being installed, visually recall a painter’s brushstrokes on an intense black canvas. The final effect, a majestic velvety stone mantle that dissolves into a decorative setting, offering endless aesthetic possibilities. Marquina Black leaves no-one unmoved.

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